• Darren Sciberras

Flex – Master Technician Level 1

We are super proud of Mathew Gregory a.k.a Flexy who was formally promoted to his new role of Race Center Master Technician Level 1 this week.

Flex receiving his promotion

Sometimes a draw back with a specialist business like ours is the specialist knowledge resides with just one person. They become the bottleneck and worse the knowledge leaves when they do. Also the knowledge doesn’t tend to grow or evolve that much.

Over the past 18 months Flex has undergone a massive amount of specialist training in all that we do here at Race Center. Flex was already a great mechanic when he started but building, tuning and developing track / race bikes adds an extra level of complexity. The best part of involving Flex in this process is he has added fresh ideas and processes to our business not just learnt what we already had in place.

Flex (other Matthew as his birth cert. says) has brought an extra layer of knowledge and enthusiasm with him to Race Center

Flex has particularly spent a lot of time on the dyno tuning an array of bikes through both piggy units and ECU flashing. He has done a heap of work with configuring quickshifters and auto blip downshift systems developing a feel for how a race bike should be tuned and setup. The other main area of training to achieve his position has been performance engine builds.

At the beginning of the 18month training program Flex was constantly under the guidance of the Daz with the two guys spending a lot of extra time together going through each step and proc