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Fergus Gibson – 26 years

Those who know big Ferg, will know he lights up the pits whenever he is around and not just because of his big, bright orange leathers in which 49.7 cows were sacrificed. Fergus Gibson has been racing for 26 years consecutively! If that isn’t a big enough achievement on it’s own, he still is one of the happiest people you are likely to bump into at a race track.

Seeing how much Ferg and partner Penny Simeon still enjoy his racing is simply awesome. It’s so easy to let this sport get the best of you at times, especially when things aren’t going your way. It’s a tough sport for sure. Yet Ferg has managed to keep his passion for riding a motorcycle around a race track seriously fast alive for 26 years!

It’s not just all smiles either, Ferg is fast, smooth and a super accomplished rider. And he races naked bikes against sports and superbikes very competitively in the BEARS class. He rides naked bikes (luckily for all of us he is fully clothed and not naked himself) because of a bad back. That hasn’t stopped him being a gun rider!

Recently we were super grateful to receive this awesome picture frame from Ferg, to receive something like this from someone we respect so much was just awesome.

Ferg, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your motorcycle journey, we love having you a big, bright, super fast part of the Race Center family. Ooooxxxxx! FY!

Daz and Ferg


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