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Data from Our First Test on Broadford’s New Surface

Last weekend we had a few of the Race Center team sample Broadford’s new track surface, most notably one of our fastest rider’s Tim Large.

As predicted in our article last week, small bikes like SS300’s and slower riders on big bikes will have no tear wear issues whatsoever. Even riders on 600s that are not pushing really hard won’t experience wear issues either.

However fast riders on 600s and 1000s using race rubber such Pirelli SC1s and even SC2s will experience tear running normal pressures. The faster and more powerful your bike the worse it will be.

The good news is, even with Largey circulating very quickly we managed to get right on top of the wear issues making the tear almost non-existent even at his speed. Largey was easily the quickest rider to sample the new surface.

The track was also pretty dam smooth in most areas…. Well expect for the new ‘speed hump’ and a section between pit turn and the entry to the lefty.

In a new website feature we are now offering the general public access to some of our technical articles including the specific tyre pressures and advice we found worked on the new surface. We are also providing some setup tips on adjustment to make to your bike with the different pressures and explain the single biggest mistake most people make when trying to find the optimum pressure for a new surface.

The new feature is just $99 for a 12 month subscription with a minimum of 3 to 4 new technical articles to be released monthly.

To learn more, follow the link to our new “Race School” 😊


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