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Congratulations – Saucy Receives Promotion 😊

It’s with great pleasure we announce our young Saucy man (a.k.a. Harley Side) has received a promotion, Saucy is now our Workshop Manager. It’s not only reward for his great efforts and work ethic since he joined us but also because he has displayed great skills in helping manage and plan upcoming work.

Cheesy grins x 2

Saucy will remain on the tools, as we all are however he will take over more of the work scheduling, planning and customer communication activities. Soucy’s new role will compliment Flex’s (a.k.a Matthew Gregory) existing Master Technician Role as both the boys continue to develop their careers in slightly different ways. Being a small business there is always a lot of overlap between each role however there is a need to have individuals specialise and take the responsibility for certain aspects of our work.

With Flex it is ensuring the work is done correctly, helping others when things get pretty technical and being assigned the more involved jobs such as performance engine builds. Now Saucy will step up to the plate and manage work scheduling and ensuring we keep up with customer expectations.

The development of these two roles has been an important step for us in order to give as a strong foundation for the future. A future where we will be looking to hire another tech soon 😊

Daz will continue to do stuff all…oops, we mean be on the tools, specialise in bike setup, rider mentoring and the business management, just the new structure allows us to spread the load between the 3 of us.

We have to say a massive thanks to big El’ Sauco for all his hard work and commitment to his job. You may be surprised but he is actually a smart little cockie….albeit a bit of cheeky prick at times 😊

Well done and thanks Saucy, you deserve it!

Sauce adapting to his new managerial role well, hands in his pockets doing stuff all!


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