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Congratulations - Ariel Couceiro

Ariel Couceiro took his first ever race and round victory at the Preston Motorcycle Club Bracket Race Day at Broadford on June 2nd. Ariel was racing in the T3 bracket and also set a PB dipping into the 1.02s for the first time ever aboard his GSX-R750 😊

The penny just dropped for Ariel. Probably more pleasing than the results themselves was his consistency and performance under pressure. Being a newbie to racing can be quite nerve racking especially for those who never did it as a kid however Ariel showed great composure and drawing analogies from playing soccer which he did as a youngster to then mental approach required for racing seemed to help.

Working with Ariel has been an utter pleasure. He has an awesome attitude, is fun to work with, enjoys a laugh and is always thirsty to learn more.

We were wrapped to see him riding so well, ripper job mate and thanks for being part of the Race Center family.

Legend of a bloke!


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