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Colin Bone - 2019 DNA High Performance Filters - Life Achievement Award

Memories and awards like this are probably one of the most special things we get to be a part of in our line of work. Helping people realise their dreams is just something special. Colin Bone has been with us for over 4 years now and it is a journey we have immensely enjoyed.

He decided to start racing at the tender age of 46 with very little track riding experience at all. Too old you say? Never. The throttle cables have no idea how old you are, what gender or race you are. Neither do they know how old you were when you started and what experience you have. Throttle cables only understand one thing, how hard they are being pulled.

Colin receives the 2019 DNA High Performance Filter Life Achievement Award for wining his first ever championship, the 2019 Interclub 300cc championship. With this award we would like to bring acknowledgement to the courage and determination Colin has shown to follow his dreams. His riding has improved so much over this time. It’s been fantastic to watch. Also the way he applies himself, his determination and the amazing manner he conducts himself in the pit makes being around Boner a joy every single time. Not to mention doing a PB of 1.08.3 last year too 😊

Image Russell Colvin 783 Media

Recently when chatting to Daz Colin mentioned he thought at the time he might just do one race just as a bucket list thing. He never dreamed it would become a Bonafide 😉 racer. Well Colin you are a real racer and with many more years to come.

When asked what does racing mean to him, Colin responded “Everything! Its my life blood. It’s what I look forward to in my life!”

Often as fans of this sport we idolise the elite riders, the professionals at the top. However motorcycling and racing is not just for the elite, it’s for all of us, whatever level we are at. Racing can help people realise a part of them they never thought they had. Help them realise their dreams and become stronger people.

Colin Bone embodies exactly what racing means to us. Following your passion and enjoying this amazing sport. Congratulations Boner, you will always be a very special part of the Race Center family and we are very proud of you. We are also very grateful you choose us to help you with your journey.

Colin receives a DNA High Performance Filter as well as some ongoing Race Center Sponsorship

Big thanks to Kenma Australia and DNA High Performance Filters for the assistance with this award.

Rock on Boner 69!

Image Russell Colvin 783 Media


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