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Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy on Pause for 2022

For the first year since it started back in 2018, we will not be running the annual Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy Go Kart race in 2022.

We are doing this as a mark of respect to Nathan Jones, his family and our extending racing family. Nathan graced the podium 3 times in the races history narrowly missing the win last year when his was teamed up with William Sharrock.

The trophy has now been engraved with last year’s honours as well as fitted with a plague dedicating the 2022 slot to Nathan’s memory. Much loved and sorely missed.

We are still having our Christmas party which is an open invite and details are here: 2022 Christmas Party

2022 has been dedicated to Nathan Jones on the Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy

Bruce Hill Memorial Honours List


In loving memory of Nathan Jones


2021 was the first year with driver teams and an endurance race with a driver swap. Teams were picked based on driver weights. Heaviest with lightest, 2nd heaviest with 2nd lightest etc. etc.

Champions – Harley Side (Saucey) & Brendan Wilson (Brendo)

2nd - Nathan Jones #84 & William Sharrock

3rd – Jake Drew & Tim Large

People Champions – Colin Bone (Bonner) and Super Daz (Finishe

Saucey & Brendo took top slot last year

d 4th and both displayed mega aggressive driving)

Best on Ground – Julian Redondo (Jools), Proper Blind!


Champion – Tim Large (TL Turbo)

2nd Jake Drew (Jake Drew World Wide)

3rd Tyson Jones (Tyson)

People Champion – Daniel Duda – High sided his RSV4 leaving Race Center on the morning of the party breaking his leg :(

Best on Ground – Harley Side (Sauce) – World biggest hangover the next day

Team Champions – Race Center


Champion – Tim Sandy

2nd Tyson Jones

3rd Nathan Jones

People Champion – William Sharrock – Blown Kart

Best on Ground – Super Daz – Blindest at the after party, had an accidental nap in the bush

Team Champions – Race Center


Champion – Luke Sanders

Peoples Champion – Dingo Meade – DNS due to high blood alcohol reading from night before

Best on Ground – William Sharrock – Blindest at the after party – speaking proved very difficult for William

The Bruce Hill Memorial Trophy


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