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Broadford Re-Surface 2.0 – Tyres, what you need to know

Your eyes are not deceiving you and you’re not reading an old article. The Broadford State Motorcycle Sport Complex’s Road circuit has again been freshly re-surfaced over the Christmas break (2021/2022). Let’s call it the Resurface 2.0

While it is impossible to know exactly how this new surface will behave until we sample it, we have a pretty good handle on how to approach tyres on any new surface and it certainly worked last time Broadford was re-surfaced.

Race Center’s Harley (Saucey) Side will be testing this Saturday with Daz by his side so that we can bring you more detailed information following that test.

However here are some key points to help you and hopefully stop you shredding tyres.

The Race Center team has tonnes of experience across so many riders - Pic Russell Colvin #783 Media

1. Start high then lower pressures if you have no tear. A big mistake many make is to start with their ‘normal’ tyre pressures and when they start to see tyre tear, they go up in pressure. Unfortunately, this is too late and the damage is already done. Furthermore if you are way off for the new surface, it may take you a few tyres to work this out costing you $$

The smarter way is to start high, then if you have no signs of tear slowly start to lower the pressure. As soon as you see some tear, go back up to a last pressure where there was no tear. Simple really but this is the core concept that will save shredding tyres.

This concept works and is what we used last time around to nail the pressures and wear. Lap time wasn’t too shabby either 😉 You might be surprised just how high you need to go.

Not only was our tyre wear amazing on the last re-surface but the lap times weren't half bad either ;)

2. Wear / Tyre issues will only be a big issue for fast riders on bikes with decent power, 600cc and above. The faster you are, the more prone you will be to the tear, so you are a bit slower and new to the sport you don’t really need to worry.

3. Stickier compounds will be more prone to tear. We did an article covering more detail on this a while back, the article is here for anyone that wants more info: click here

We do anticipate the pressures we used with the older Re-surface V1.13 will again work this time around. That exact data is available for Race School members: Click Here

We will bring you more details after our test.

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