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Grit & Determination - ASBK RD6 - Phillip Island Report

Our sport can be cruel sometimes, yet it’s this very element that makes it such as special sport at the same time. Achievements carry so much more value when the road toward them is difficult.

This sport certainly requires true grit and determination. While our weekend was over before it really started, it was long enough for Race Centers Luke Sanders to display he has these attributes in absolute spades.

A snap highside that gave no warning on the exit of turn 10 in Free Practice 2 saw Luke land hard on his right arm. He quickly picked up his Yamaha R6, rode it back to the pit box, mounted his 2nd machine and then pumped out another 5 laps stint. On return from that stint he almost collapsed off the bike and was in obvious pain.

He was rushed off to the medical centre and then hospital where it was revealed he had fractured his right humerus bone in the crash. How he completed a 5-lap stint in that condition, is simply incredible and unbelievable. The humerus is not just any bone, it’s absolutely key to riding a motorcycle and under so much stress and load while riding, particularly at that speed and level.

Grit and determination? Yep, we are pretty confident Luke has it in absolutely spades.


Photo Credit - Russel Colvin 783 Media

Round 6 of the Australian Supersport Championship at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit started off a little disjointed but not too bad for Team Race Center and Luke. Free Practice 1 saw us working through a couple of issues with gear change points and positions on the new R6. While we didn’t piece together one full uninterrupted lap to show our true speed, some of the sector times and how Luke was riding gave us an indication that if we could piece things together our pace would be strong.

Photo Credit - Alex Jovanovic FstylePhoto

Unfortunately, things just weren’t meant to pan out that way. Despite a tremendous about of effort from the entire team, rider and workshop in the lead up, it was over before it even really started.

The only things to show for all that effort, it’s a broken rider and an inspirational story of determination. Kids, definitely do not try this at home.

Luke will be having scans later in the week and we will know more about his injury status and path to recovery. All of us here wish him a speedy recovery and are looking forward to seeing him back on track soon.

Photo Credit - Alex Jovanovic FstylePhoto

As always, thank you to all our supporters, partners and followers, it’s wonderful to have such great support and without you all we couldn't be on this journey.

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