• Darren Sciberras

Flex hits full Boost - TURBO? Why Not

Riding fast motorbikes probably isn’t the smartest thing to do in the first place thus bolting on a turbo makes complete sense, right? Especially if it’s a 1000cc superbike 😊

We were super lucky to be given the job of restoring this weapon of a bike, the Turbo 2004 ZX-10R that is Carnage in its former glory. Firstly, massive thanks to Mitch Creek for the opportunity to work on his mental motorcycle and Benzina Garage for the referral 😊 such a fun project. FY!

12 months ago, our very own Matthew ‘Flex’ Gregory was promoted to Master Technician and boy did he earn that title on this job. A boosted custom bike like this is complex enough but one that is a little long in the tooth can present a whole bunch of other challenges.

The bike came to us because it wasn’t running right, and power delivery was a bit all over the place. So, here’s what we did to restore this thing to the fire breathing monster it should be.

image: Russell Colvin #783 Media - Flex and the Turbo ZX-10R Carnage

Plan of Attack

First thing we did was sit down as a team and go through a diagnosis plan. For a complex job like this, 3 heads are better than one, even if they are hairy and ugly.

We then assigned roles, Saucy would be the test pilot sampling the bike before and after the work in order to get an independent assessment. Saucy was prefect for this role as having no bum renders him least likely to poo himself.