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57s x 3 WOW!!!

There is no doubt since the resurface of Broadford the track has become faster with the mega grip on offer.

However, there is no way in the world we expected 3 of our lesser experienced Race Center riders to smash into the 57 bracket all on the same day. And to do so with such consistency and purpose, wow! Especially as we have all had to sit out most of 2020 with that whole COVID rubbish ☹

Lee Ramstein, Joel Gilmore and Flash Harry himself, Daniel DiNuzzo all broke into the 57-bracket last weekend at Broadford. Lee on his S1000RR, Joel on his ZX-10R and Flash on his YZF-R1

They all rode extremely well and built on the hard work they have all put in before we had to have the unfortunate COVID break.

All three have been on a similar journey but with vastly different programs and bikes. Yet all three smashed the lap timer with their 57s

For Lee the main focus of his program has been a methodical step by step approach to his riding, preparation and bike setup. Very small steps but in the right order. Too often in this sport people jump too many steps at a time in hope of a miracle lap time but the step but step approach always delivers result.

With Joel he has been on a Gen4 ZX-10R that was a very well sorted machine, so the setup is very nailed on that one. Joel is one of those riders who doesn’t tend to over think things while on the bike. It is a great mindset to have on a bike, far too often riders over complicate things and need to take a leaf out of Joel’s book.

With our old mate Danny D, the main steps over the past few track days have been his new electronics and throttle maps that we developed for the YZF-R1 during the COVID break. We have also made a few revisions to his bike setup to better aid mid corner rotation. All complementing each other to deliver a very big and consistent lap time gain.

If 3 boys cracking into the 57s all on one day weren’t enough, they all even had mint tyre wear on a new surface that has been destroying tyres.

The times and tyre wear couldn’t be better proof that the pressures we published in Race School work.

Congratulations to these 3 legends, after the year we have all had it was so heart warming to see such great guys achieve some personal goals, FY!!!!


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