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2022 Race Center Christmas Party Saturday 17th December

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

What a year it has been. It’s time to reflect, celebrate, commiserate and bond. The Race Center Christmas Party is open to all, friends, family, customers, suppliers and partners. This year it will be a little different. Our usual, super fun social gathering and party will take place at Welcome to Brunswick (same venue as last year) however the annual Bruce Hill Memorial Go Kart race will be put on hold.

We are doing this as a mark of respect and mourning for our dear brother Nathan Jones #84, Nathan just loved the annual Go Kart race. While it is always supposed to be a social & fun race to celebrate the year past, we all know us racers take it a tad too seriously. None more so than Nathan.

From pitting to swap his kart because it was too slow, then re pitting because the replacement was also too slow for Nathan’s ambitions. Or yelling at Sauce on the cool down lap for dicing for 4th and holding them up rather than working together to get on the podium, Nathan was always Nathan once the visor was down.

Oh, if you think the swapping Go Karts things was a one off? Na, pretty much every year. Of course, being the pure gentleman and lovely human being his was, Nathan would always apologise for his antics afterwards, even if aided by a gentle shove from younger brother Tyson.

So, we think it is fitting to pause for one year, give Nathan all the Karts and simply engrave the 2022 trophy space in loving memory of Nathan Jones #84.

We are sure that even though he will have them all to himself, he will still think none of the karts are fast enough.

Brendo and Sauce will get the opportunity to defend their crown in 2023.

Nath was on the podium a few times but unfortunately not the top step. But He will be this year! L to R Nathan Jones, Tim Sandy, Tyson Jones, Some dude that works at the Go Kart joint

The Party - Welcome to Brunswick (Brewery & BBQ)

We have chosen the same venue as last year because it had great vibes, seemed to work ace and had delicious beer!

We have a number of packages available, if you do plan on coming, pre booking and using one of the packages is best. We have had to pre-pay in order to preserve the space, so if you go it alone we will just be doubling up and have less $$ to spend on tyres next year ☹

However, if you decide to come last minute we will likely still have packages available or you can just pay for you own food and drinks if we have run out or if can only come for a short while. We'd still love you to come along for the fun and to see your face 😊



Tyson and Flash were good enough to do plenty of research and testing last year to ensure we get the beer selection spot on this year

Considering the venue and today’s prices, we think the packages we were able to get are great value! As Dingo Meade said about the value in the drinks package, “Kok, at that price, you’re making money by drinking!”

Food only $45 (Selection of Canapes plus more substantial meals too, including vegetarian options)

Food, 4.5 Hours Unlimited Drinks + Premium Spirits $125 (Premium Spirits, wine, bubbles, selection of great beers, cider and soft drink)

No Food, just the 4.5 Hours Unlimited Drinks (wine, bubbles, selection of great beers, Premium Spirits, cider and soft drink) $80

Party and drinks package starts at 5:30pm, no point wasting the drinks packages!

The venue is just a 10 min walk from Race Center HQ, so anyone wanting to meet at Race Center and walk down is more than welcome. We will probably start to gather around 4pm

We would love to see you there!!!


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