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Power in 3D - More than just peak HP we give you power where you need it most

Our state of the art dyno tuning facilities and racing experience ensures we can provide the ultimate tune for your motorcyle.  


Our key focus is throttle response, smooth power delivery and of course maximum acceleration and power too. 

We focus on power in 3D not just peak power.

Our dyno room is equipped with an extremely powerful centrifugal ram air fan to simulate high speed ram air as well as providing more than ample cooling.  This ram air capability allows us to tune high performance engines properly for the race track.

We can supply and install piggy back units such as Bazzaz and Powercommander as well as ECU Flashing.

With over 12 years and many thousands of dyno hours we understand the importance of a tune and how it can transform how your motorcyle rides, giving you more confidence and a more enjoyable experience.

We also offer tune assessments in which we run your bike on the dyno to troubleshoot any issues and make sure its running right and is safe. Our comprehensive report will provide any findings and a list of suggestions if critical.

Why choose Race Center for a tune?

  • Over 10,000 hours of dyno experience

  • Technology and experience learnt from our race team

  • All tunes developed in house 

  • Extensive experience across most makes and models. European to Japanese including older style Fuel Injection systems

  • Emphasis on rideability through our special throttle maps and tunes

  • Tunes to suit a range of budgets and applications, whether its a race bike or a sports tourer 

  • Transparent and up front communication on expectations and pricing

  • Experience with the latest tuning software including stand alone ECUs

  • Experts at installing and setting up autoblippers and quickshifters

Tuning & ECU Enquiry 

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Dyno Tuning - Frequently Asked Questions


How much do tunes cost?

our tunes start from $xxx for a basic flash

How much HP gain can i expect from a custom tune?

this depends on the bike in most circumstances. Most newer sportsbike dont make a massive jump in outright HP. Most the gains you will feel will be in the midrange where sometimes up to 10hp is unlocked. 

Can i mail in my ECU?

If you cannot bring your bike to our workshop we offer mail in ECU flashs. Get in touch for instructions and options on what bikes we can tune this way.

What is a throttle map?

We explain in detail what throttle mapping is here. 

Will a tune void my warranty?

Will i lose my different power mode settings?

Will a tune affect my fuel economy?

Do you tune LAMS bikes?


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